World IPv6 Day today

WORLD IPV6 DAY is 8 June 2011 – The Future is Forever

Today is World IPv6 Day, organised by the Internet Society (ISOC). Internet Society – World IPv6 Day.
Read the “About IPv6″ section of this website if this means nothing to you :-)
Many people are experimenting with turning on IPv6 for the first time, and/or turning off IPv4 to see if the IPv6 infrastructure can cope.
So today is a good day to test your own machine to see how well it can cope with the next generation internet protocol, IPv6:
In Ireland there is a good IPv6 readiness site,, sponsored by the INEX, the Dublin Internet Neutral Exchange.
The Irish IPv6 Task Force has also a website for the day,, the site includes a monitoring tooolset that monitors IPv6 readiness for high profile public and private sector Irish internet sites.

ISOC Panel on IPv6 at IETF 74

The Internet Society (ISOC) has a role in promoting IPv6, as well as the Internet in general. They supported the Irish IPv6 Summit.
ISOC maintains a portal with links to the most relevant materials for IPv6 Internet Society Focus Area: IPv6.
The most recent addition here is to an ISOC IPv6 Panel discussion that was held on 24th March 2009, in San Francisco, at the 74th meeting of the IETF. This includes a published audio version, a transcript of the audio, and PDF slides of each talk from the panellists.