World IPv6 Launch Day, 6th June 2012

Ireland’s IPv6 Task Force is a group made up of public and private sector
representatives all seeking to promote the deployment and awareness of
IPv6 under the auspices of the Department of Communications, Energy and
Natural Resources (DCENR). If you want to know more see the About IPv6
section of this Irish IPv6 Task Force website that has a lay person’s
description of the problem, and links to shorter and longer materials for
further information.


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World IPv6 Day Conclusions

Abel Avram on InfoQ
World IPv6 Day proved to be a success. Major service providers and websites are ready for IPv6, but some experience response times lower than when using IPv4. Experts draw attention to a possible security flaw in IPv6 implementations.
The long anticipated event, World IPv6 Day, announced last year and recently by InfoQ, finally came and passed on June 8th. According to Internet Society (ISOC), the event organizer, more than 1,000 Internet service providers and websites, including Akamai, Facebook, Google, Limelight, Microsoft, and Yahoo!, attempted for 24 hours to see if they are ready for IPv6, and what problems might appear when IPv6 is enabled for many of their websites. The test demonstrated that “major websites around the world are well-positioned for the move to a global IPv6-enabled Internet, enabling its continued exponential growth”, according to ISOC, which concluded:

A key goal of World IPv6 Day was to expose potential issues with real-world IPv6 use under controlled conditions. Given the diversity of technology that powers the Internet, the global nature of the trial was crucial to identify unforeseen problems. The vast majority of users were able to access services as usual, but in rare cases, users experienced impaired access to participating websites during the trial.

Article has some initial graphics of analysis of traffic on World IPv6 Day.

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World IPv6 Day today

WORLD IPV6 DAY is 8 June 2011 – The Future is Forever

Today is World IPv6 Day, organised by the Internet Society (ISOC). Internet Society – World IPv6 Day.
Read the “About IPv6″ section of this website if this means nothing to you :-)
Many people are experimenting with turning on IPv6 for the first time, and/or turning off IPv4 to see if the IPv6 infrastructure can cope.
So today is a good day to test your own machine to see how well it can cope with the next generation internet protocol, IPv6:
In Ireland there is a good IPv6 readiness site,, sponsored by the INEX, the Dublin Internet Neutral Exchange.
The Irish IPv6 Task Force has also a website for the day,, the site includes a monitoring tooolset that monitors IPv6 readiness for high profile public and private sector Irish internet sites.

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